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The development of GSM Networks and terminals to support more advanced data bearer technologies has allowed for the introduction of new exciting data services. These technologies allow for a greater bandwidth and more capable execution environment, so permitting for the development of mobile applications. The world has become increasingly computer centric and computer applications are now used for a number of tasks such as communications, financial management, information retrieval, entertainment and game playing. It is a natural progression for the user to expect these applications to be available to them on their mobile terminal.

The initial developments in mobile applications were basic, running on the GSM SIM Card using SIM Tool Kit interfacing through capable terminals and using SMS to communicate with the application infrastructure. These were followed by the introduction of browsers utilising special mobile protocols (WAP, HDML, etc) and the basic data capabilities of the GSM terminals of the time. These allow the user to use their mobile terminal to access basic text format content such as news, sport, entertainment, information, etc.

The introduction of higher bandwidth capability allows for richer applications, and the packet switched nature of GPRS networks allows for more efficient applications. They will facilitate the introduction of true multimedia services such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) which will allow the user to send and receive messaging containing pictures, images, sound and text.

New network features, such as Location Servers, can allow the mobile applications to be enhanced to tailor the way they work, and improve the value to the user.

Amongst other Mobile Aplications, Mobile Entertainment is expected to grow, with GSM WAP based technology into Mobile games ; Mobile betting ; Mobile music; Mobile cartoons/icons.

Early examples of Mobile Entertainment will be added, in the form of presentations by leading developers and operators of such services, particularly those that are relevant to the Mobile environment - Mobile games may in some cases be ported from a fixed or SMS environment to use the full GSM WAP/ GPRS capability.

Mobile betting is often considered as an early example of Mobile commerce. Mobile music will include MPEG 3 music and artiste or music clips / ringtone download, used in conjunction with GSM Mobile Internet.

Mobile cartoons/icons are currently downloaded off Japanese mobile networks today, and will soon be seen in GSM with WAP/GPRS capability.

Mobile Commerce is the effective delivery of electronic commerce into the consumer's hand, anywhere, using wireless technology. This advance has the power to transform the mobile phone into a 'mobile wallet'. Already, major companies have begun to establish partnerships with banks, ticket agencies and top brands to take advantage of the retail outlet in the consumer's hand.

The days when you needed a pc and a modem to connect to the internet are over. Today, owners of mobile phones and other handheld devices are able to access a small, but increasing range of web-based information and applications, while on the move.

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