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This page  will help you to find the Best software and Hardware to start making Internet Telephone calls.Also we will soon be starting a service that will let you  call Lebanon from abroad for at very competitive rates. - 280x40



An Internet telephone tool included with Netscape Navigator that provides high-quality audio conferencing, a full-featured whiteboard, and text-based communications using the chat tool. With CoolTalk you can now talk and work collaboratively with friends and colleagues anywhere in the world via the Internet. And because CoolTalk works seamlessly with Navigator, you can send and receive calls directly from any Web page.

Make long distance calls for 70% less with a PC-to-Phone account from Delta Three. You can turn your ordinary PC into a telephone! Now you can stay online to make calls! Call anywhere in the world and save money on your long distance bill at the same time!

Make FREE unlimited long distance phone calls to anyone in the U.S. there is nothing to download or install. Make calls while you are online.

IRIS Video Web Phone

IRIS Phone is the latest generation Internet Video Phone that most closely emulates a normal phone call. IRIS Phone allows you to talk and videoconference with anybody around the world, without paying a dime in long-distance charges. IRIS Video Phone 2.5 includes all the features of IRIS Phone 2.04 and adds numerous new features. With IRIS Phone you can collaborate with your business associates, see your family and friends when they are away, meet new friends or just talk with total strangers on common topics all around the world for FREE! 


Net2Phone's suite of services offers PC-to-Phone, PC-to-PC, PC-to-Fax, and voice mail all integrated into one easy to use product. These exciting services are yours when you download the Net2Phone software onto your PC-it's FREE software! Using its advanced IP network and technologies, Net2Phone delivers the following capabilities:

  • PC2Phone — Place real-time, full-duplex calls to anywhere in the world from your desktop at very low rates.

  • PC2PC — Conduct real-time voice conversations from your desktop for free.

  • PC2Fax — Send faxes from your desktop to virtually any fax machine in the world at very low rates.

  • VoicEmail — Send, record and listen to voice e-mail messages for free.

Make free long distance calls... to the US, Canada and China. Call any phone in these countries from your web browser for FREE! You can also record and send a voice message or voice e-card to anyone with an email account.A leading provider of voice services for the Internet. This, however, is not enough to answer the question, so we've gathered all information and resources to help our customers and partners know more about us -- not just who we are, but also what we aim to achieve.

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This is a web based solution for conference calling and real-time collaborative presentations.

When you install PhoneFree you automatically receive the following FREE services with digital-quality sound:

  • Free PC-to-Phone calling to and within the United States

  • Free worldwide PC-to-PC voice calling over the Internet

  • Integrated PC-based voice mail

  • Video calling and video mail

  • File and picture transfer

VocalTec Internet Phone

The Internet Phone Company, delivering Internet dial tone to businesses and homes for multimedia communications worldwide. VocalTec's software enables audio, video, data, text and collaborative communications between personal computers and other devices over the Internet.Quick to download and easy to use, Internet Phone Lite has many of the features of a regular phone, including DTMF support and an intuitive touch-tone dial pad interface. A start up Wizard assists the user step by step in configuring the application. Users are able to dial the way they are used to on their regular phone. Internet Phone Lite provides excellent VoIP audio quality. The intuitive, phone-like user interface encourages subscribers to make calls over the Internet.

Interested in a feature-rich telephony application that can deliver voice and video over the Internet from PC to PC at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone calls? Well, you're in the right place. Welcome to the world of WebPhone from NetSpeak!

Web surfers can tap the power of to make long distance phone bills a thing of the past. Plus, is easy to use - no elaborate training program required. It's virtually identical to making an ordinary phone call. Once you've registered and downloaded our free software, simply log on to the Internet, launch the program and start calling other members. Offers FREE PC to PC calls.

Hotvoice is your full-service global messaging solution. Use it to send and receive voicemail and fax messages from any phone or fax machine in the U.S.A., or in many countries around the world. Manage all your voicemail, email and fax messages on the web, from any connected computer, anywhere in the world.

The hottest free PC to PHONE service on the Web! Make unlimited free calls to more than 30 countries right from your PC. If you're paying anything for long distance, you're paying too much! The quality is the best and the service is unbeatable.

Now Offering FREE PC to telephone calls to the UK.Using the power and versatility of the Internet, PC2Call allows you to make quality phone calls to friends and family all over the world at a fraction of the normal cost.  
Internet Telephone

Super Phone is a small/portable Single Line Independent Internet Telephony Gateway device, that makes all your long distance calls over the Internet, without using any kind of computers, software or, head phone, etc.Simply NO COMPUTERS ARE REQUIRED!

Make unlimited long distance voice and video calls from one PC to another. Anytime,anywhere.

Make free calls to all kinds of destinations. Sign up for free, click on "connect" and choose "free pc2pone" to make calls. Have fun!


Callserve enables telephone calls from your PC over the Internet to anywhere in the World at the most competitive rates available.Home users can save up to 85% on long distance calls. Just download Callserve's free Internet Telephone and follow the simple on-screen instructions.Check out the international call charges - to see what you can save on international calls with Callserve.

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